Apecoin Staking

Apecoin Staking

Initial exchange offering

Today's price of ApeCoin (APE) has climbed.

Trading activity in ApeCoins today exceeded the daily average of $227734,518. Shares of APEC increased 0.0% over the previous day. More than 400 million APE coins are stored on it, and 1 billion are available for use. The biggest ApeCoin exchange is now Binance.

The Foundation for Apes

Apecoin has been run by APE Foundation. Instead of the administrator, ape currency holders can build on the foundation layer. This foundation will progressively become more decentralized with a focus on decentralized and local leadership. The organization is in charge of overseeing the ApeCoin decision-making process, as well as handling daily administrative tasks, project coordination, bookkeeping, and other duties. The goal of the APE Foundation is to make sure that all APE ecosystems continue to flourish fairly and with the participation of all stakeholders.

For the Web3 Economy, use ApeCoin.

Through web3, cultural expression has been included into games, entertainment, and events. Blockchain has a huge potential that is currently impossible to foresee. To assist future-proofing, APE is a token that was developed and is run by communities. Decentralized protocols will be made available through this, and community-led projects that advance culture in the metaverse will be given power. Yuga Lab is best known for founding the Bored Ape Yacht Club and specializing mostly in web 3. APE is used as the primary token for new projects and is a component of the Apecoin DAO.