Apecoin Staking

Apecoin Staking

Apecoin All Time High

Protocol for APECoin

An ERC20-based governance and utility token called ApeCoin promotes community creation at the cutting edge of web 3. As the layer of open-source protocols in the ecosystem, APECoIN has performed a number of functions. Unification of Spend: ApeCoin is a platform for creating utility tokens that enable community commerce and are accessible to all ecosystem players. Access - Apecoin grants users access to parts of the ecosystem that are otherwise inaccessible, such as premium games, freebies, events, or services.

The Directors' Board

Administrators of the Foundation are currently under the control of the Apecoin advisory council (dAO's Board). The board is in charge of servicing communities and managing the DAO initiative. According to ApeCoins DAO rules, the meetings are based on proposals that have administrative prerequisites. Members of the DAO cast votes each year to elect the Board, which has a six-week term.

A.O. The

It is essential for success that the ApeCoin DAO is in place to provide uniform APE community governance. Members of ApeCoin are allowed to select how Ecosystem Funds are allocated, governance guidelines, projects, collaborations, etc. through the ApeCoin DACAO's Improvement proposals process. Any Ape coin owner is eligible to join the ApeCoin DAO.