Apecoin Staking

Apecoin Staking

Apecoin Initial Coin Offering

What are ape coins?

An Ethereum-based coin called Ap├ęCoin is supported by the decentralized autonomous organization ApeCoin DAO (DAO). Owners of APE may participate in the ADO.

For owners of Ape NFTs, ApeStake.io stands out for its tiers of rewards program. The NFTs function as a key for a safe-deposit box, allowing owners access to special stake pools. What variations of Ape Staking pools are there? Staking for ApeCoin is possible in 4 separate Staking Pools, each of which is slowly developing and has a 3-year lifespan. There are three NFT pools: BAYC, MAYC, and BAKC, as well as one for non-NFT holders (APE Holders). Stake Ape Resources If you have at least one APE in your wallet, you may stake in the second-largest pool (30%). There is no staking cap for non-NFT holders.

26,713,589 $APE $APE are staked in the BAYC Pool. BayC Pool APR MayC Pool APR $APE staking 247% BayC Pool APR 271% APR APE-Only Pool MAYC Pool Pool MAYC APE Pool BAYC Pool BAKC Pool Here, you can immediately stake APYs from the Ape. Staking payouts are calculated based on the $APE that is already in the pool (NFT asset prices are not taken into account).

According to Etherscan, the staking contract has almost $16 million in total value locked in just the first 12 hours. ApeCoin Staking Begins To make staking ApeCoin easier, there are four staking pools. For APE holders who don't have NFTs, there is an ApeCoin pool. This pool's whole stake allotment is 30 million APE. Holders of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs have access to the Bored Ape pool. The possessor is permitted to stake 10,094 APE for each BAYC they possess. The NFT holders are permitted to invest 2,042 APE per MAYC in the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) pool.

Holders of the BAYC NFT, Mutant Ape - MAYC NFT, and BAKC NFT can benefit from staking. Get to Know Apecoin More What happens during APE staking? Ape asset owners can stake their tokens in four different pools to receive additional benefits in the form of more APE tokens. For owners of Ape NFTs, ApeStake.io stands out for its tiers of rewards program. The NFTs function like a safe-deposit box key, allowing owners access to restricted staking pools with a maximum stake.